At Claripy, we believe it is healthy, positive, and normal to seek professional assistance in dealing with the challenges and transitions of life and work.

Almost everybody can benefit from therapy or counseling at different points in their lives. No one is immune to the strain and stress life brings each day. We can feel more or less stress at times, depending on a variety of factors including the disruption of events themselves, our perceptions, learned behaviors, past traumatic events, and other known or unknown factors.

At Claripy, we focus on your strengths and guide you in achieving wellness, happiness, and success at home and at work.

Individual Counseling

Talk therapy teaches us healthy ways of processing and expressing emotions, interacting with other people, and coping with situations we can and cannot control.

Couples Counseling

All couples can benefit from counseling to improve communication, reduce conflict, and navigate life transitions. Couples counseling can significantly enhance relationship strengths leading to an increase in intimacy and overall happiness.


Family Counseling

Family therapy can help reduce stress, anxiety, and dysfunction by opening lines of communication. It can involve the whole family across generations or just those willing to participate. Families learn together how to set boundaries, communicate effectively, and resolve conflict in healthy ways.

Group Counseling

Group therapy can be used to create a smaller version of the outside world to practice emotional honesty, cultivate self-confidence, and share wisdom with fellow attendees in similar circumstances. When we learn to express our real selves, we can move closer to the relationships and life we want to have.