Individual Counseling


Is talk therapy right for me…

Life and relationships are complicated. Sometimes you feel like you have everything under control, but then something happens and the challenge outweighs your ability to cope with it, no matter how hard you try. 

Many people describe being ‘stuck in their head’ and going around and around with their thoughts to no end. Therapy puts everything out on the table and helps you gain clarity on your situation and figure out how best to navigate your life circumstances. Talking through a situation with a trained therapist enables you to uncover new ways to think about and handle your challenges.

A therapist will work closely with you throughout the treatment process, shedding light on your thoughts and behavior patterns, as well as looking at how you interact with the world around you to help identify areas you may be stuck. The ultimate goal of therapy is to develop a plan and provide you with insight and tools to navigate your life in an adaptive and constructive manner that is best for you.