Family Counseling


Improving communication across generations…

The modern family of today comes in many different shapes and sizes. Every family system has its own intricate and unique system of beliefs, traditions, and dynamics. Family dynamics are the patterns of relating , or communications, between family members. Understanding your unique family dynamics plays an essential role in discovering the best path for navigating your family forward in a healthy and productive manner. Family therapy can be used at any stage of a family’s lifecycle to address many different challenges including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, grief and loss, acceptance of differences, and transitions such as birth of a baby, relocation, and separation.

Family therapy helps families improve communication, resolve conflict, and deepen family connections. Every stage of life presents it’s own challenges for families to work through, and family therapy can help control stress and anxiety, reduce dysfunction, and open lines of communication to help the family gain clarity on their unique circumstances. Families are then able to learn how to set healthy boundaries, communicate effectively, and resolve conflict in new and healthier ways. Family therapy can include the whole family or just those members who are willing to participate.