Group Counseling


do you feel that way too…

Group therapy provides individuals who share a common experience with the opportunity to address issues and challenges in a comfortable and safe environment. Being part of a group and receiving the group’s feedback can help you gain insights and clarity that you may be too close to your situation to see on your own. Hearing from others with similar issues and concerns can show you that you’re not alone in having these challenges which provides a great sense of relief. It also provides an opportunity to hear how other group members handled a similar situation which can also be very encouraging and motivating.

Groups provide a wider range of perspectives on a situation which can help the members work through their challenges more effectively. They also teach you more about yourself. Group reflection allows you to see yourself through other group members’ eyes. This is a wonderful opportunity to see yourself in a new way and uncover obstacles that may be blocking your ability to work through your issues. Being a part of a group eases feelings of isolation and loneliness and provides opportunities for engaging with others in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.